Way back in my teen years, before my Junior year of high school, I started experimenting with Adobe Photoshop and spent most of the summer working my way through a book of tutorials. Yeah, that’s back when tutorial books were still a thing and YouTube was just getting started.  My dad started getting on my case to go do something outside (and I probably should have because I needed the exercise), but my mom spoke up and told him I was learning.  Both of them supported my curiosity, and that’s where it all began.

Photoshop was the doorway to a whole new dimension for me. I joined the yearbook team and started creating ads for local businesses that did not have graphics to submit.  One local business felt that my ad was better than what they could produce in-house, so they hired me as a paid intern in January of my Junior year to design magazine ads, spec sheets and labels. I had no idea what I was doing, but I learned through experience about what different publications/platforms require and gained a great deal of experience. Later, I discovered a passion for the internet and web development. After high school, I enrolled at Thiel College in Greenville, PA, where I graduated with a BA in Web Development and E-Commerce.

Today, I contract with clients large and small; some down the street, some across the country. My sales pitch is pretty simple: I’m efficient, fair, and honest. My good name is more important to me than pretty much anything else. My main goal is not to please you, but to please God. If I keep that as my main focus, I have no choice but to deliver quality products and services, and treat every customer with dignity and respect.

If ever I can be of service to you, drop me a line through the contact form or give me a call at 724-906-DOUG (3684).

– Doug