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During the summer before my Junior year of high school, I started experimenting with Adobe Photoshop and worked my way through a book of tutorials. While my father began scolding me and inciting me to go do something outside (he had a point, I could have used the exercise), my mother spoke up and told him I was “learning.”

She got it right, and it was the door to a whole new dimension for me. With graphic and web design, it’s hard to discern between the fun and the work. For me at least, the projects are always a creative and intense process. I was hired at Bucks Fabricating the following January to create ads for them. I had no idea what I was in for, but I learned quite a bit about what different publications require and gained a good deal of experience.

Later, I discovered a passion for the internet and web design. After high school, I enrolled at Thiel College in Greenville, PA, where I graduated with a BA in Web Development and E-Commerce. Now, I’m living my dream, contracting with clients big and small; those down the street, and those accross the country. On a side note, my family and I also have a gospel music group, The Keelings, so you’ll see some work I’ve done for our crew floating around on my site.

Look, the sales pitch is pretty simple: I’m efficient, fair, and honest. My good name is more important to me than pretty much anything else. It may sound foreign to some, but I do what I do for the glory of God. I belive he has given me some talents in my field, and I intend to use them to the best of my abilities.

If ever I can be of service to you, drop me a line through the contact form or give me a call at 724-906-DOUG (3684).

– Doug